The ULMA Group operates based on strategic business units and is currently made up of 9 businesses:

  • ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions

    ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions manufactures and sells forged accessories for piping, flanges and fittings for the oil and energy industries.

  • ULMA Agrícola

    ULMA Agrícola manufactures and sells structures and systems for greenhouse cultivation.

  • ULMA Architectural Solutions

    ULMA Architectural Solutions designs, manufactures and markets prefabricated polymer concrete systems for the construction industry.

  • ULMA Construction

    ULMA Construction provides industrialised formwork and scaffolding services and solutions for building, civil engineering and restoration.

  • ULMA Conveyor Components

    ULMA Conveyor Components manufactures and sells specialised components (rollers, pulleys, garlands and idlers) for a wide range of industries such as steelworks, mining, ports, power stations, quarries, etc.

  • ULMA Embedded Solutions

    ULMA Embedded Solutions offers specialised consulting and engineering services in the life cycle of electronic products, from systems engineering and electronic product development services to the development of measurement, test and control systems. In addition, it has developed an innovative end-to-end IoT solution.

  • ULMA Handling Systems

    ULMA Handling Systems provides integrated logistics solutions through the design, development, assembly and maintenance of automated logistics systems.

  • ULMA Maintenance Services

    ULMA Maintenance Services Trucks offers the most complete and innovative range of diesel, gas or electric forklifts designed for storing, handling and forwarding loads in both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • ULMA Packaging

    ULMA Packaging designs and manufactures packaging equipment, systems and services that provide its customers’ products with high quality protection and presentation. It has an extensive, differentiated and comprehensive offering through its seven product lines.